Broomlands Primary School

Kelso - Scottish Borders


Vision | Values | Aims


At Broomlands Primary School our vision is to have people at the very heart of everything we do.  Everyone in contact with the school will be valued and cared for in a safe, secure, healthy and friendly environment.  We believe that learning is lifelong and will deliver the highest quality teaching and learning experiences to all our learners.  We will work in partnership to set high expectations and live by them, creating a culture of continuous learning and achievement.



Our Values guide the way we work.  Together we will be enthusiastic, creative and professional and:


  • Put people first and foster inclusion

  • Demonstrate support and respect for all

  • Foster protection of the environment

  • Be open and accountable by listening and responding to the communities we serve

  • Have high expectations of teacher delivery and pupil achievement and attainment

  • Work with partners for the good of our community



We aim to:


  • Provide children with the learning opportunities and experiences to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

  • Provide a rich, stimulating, enjoyable and secure environment for learning with opportunities for individual and collaborative learning.

  • Empower, challenge and motivate all pupils and staff to learn and think independently.

  • Together our pupils and staff will build a strong foundation of healthy and friendly lifestyle choices encouraging a responsible approach to the environment.

  • Create an environment where each member of the school community shows respect for others and is valued as an individual, where opportunities are provided to enable individual talents to be nurtured.

  • Encourage and celebrate wider achievements in all our pupils.

  • Build a multi-agency team which works collaboratively for the benefit of all involved with the school and encourages involvement in our local community.

  • Develop the young people of today for the challenges of the future in an ever changing world.