Broomlands Primary School

Kelso - Scottish Borders


About Us


Our staff would like to extend a warm welcome to you at the start of what we see as a positive partnership of parents/carers, and others, working with the school to give your child the best possible education.


Broomlands Primary School is a popular Non-Denominational school which operates in the Cheviot Learning Community within Scottish Borders Council.  The school is lucky enough to have its own Nursery provision.


The school serves a mixed catchment area mainly from the north of the town. P7 pupils from Broomlands Primary School transfer to Kelso High School to continue their education.


Starting school is an exciting experience. We would like to give your child a confident start to their school career and to offer continuing help and encouragement. We aim to develop an effective partnership with parents/carers. Together we can ensure that your child’s school life is happy, interesting, challenging and promotes a sense of personal achievement.


We will endeavour to provide an environment where each child is truly recognised, accepted and valued. We aim to foster an environment where children can reach their full potential in a happy, learning atmosphere, where there is a place for everyone and there is a genuine feeling of belonging. We promote a high, positive, self-esteem in all children and adults, in an environment where all may feel valued, accepted and respected.

The curriculum is challenging and stimulating and is based on high expectations of every individual in the school, building on their skills and achievements and as we implement ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ we want members of our school community to be:


  • Successful Learners

  • Confident Individuals

  • Effective Contributors

  • Responsible Citizens


To achieve this, we promote learning that is active, collaborative, relevant and above all enjoyable for our pupils so that learners will experience a coherent curriculum suited to their needs and achieve the highest standards possible.


We continue to work in partnership with all stakeholders to provide a Curriculum for Excellence.  Broomlands Primary School is part of a wider community and we work to ensure everyone in this community works co-operatively and collaboratively to enable the achievement of all.


We acknowledge that there are many factors which affect achievement at school and that it is necessary to look at achievement in the widest sense.


On their own, schools cannot address all the barriers to children's learning - a team approach is the key, with integrated provision of services and an integrated response to needs and aspirations. Health Promotion and Behaviour Management are keenly pursued by all teaching staff, health professional workers, social workers, community education workers and non-teaching staff who all play their parts as members of a single team working together to provide the services which individual children need.


We believe that children should be nurtured with a healthy attitude towards their own social, mental and physical well-being. Many opportunities and experiences to achieve this are created throughout the academic session, as well as during the holiday periods.


Our school ensures that everyone: - children, school staff, parents and other members of the community, work co-operatively and collaboratively to enable the achievement of all. We are here for your children. If you have a concern about your child, or you would like to contribute to the work of the school in any small way, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Mr Adam Lindsay

Interim Headteacher